DOWNLOAD MP3: IF ONLY YOU KNEW By Kathryn Kuhlman(sermon)

There are many limited assumptions we heap up into our belief system most time and this assumptions form the basis of our decisions. As human, we believe what we know, and we live by what believe. No wonder Apostle Paul said “faith comes by hearing (knowing) and hearing by the word of God”. As important as knowing and believing system is, it becomes a snare when one believe and live one’s life based on a wrong assumption. The result of wrong belief and assumption made a lot of people echo “IF ONLY THEY KNEW”.

An open mind they say is a receptive mind, a person whose mind is not short against knowledge and information will always find his or her way out of regret and lamentation. In this series, Kathryn Kuhlman explain the mystery of knowing what you do not know about Christ. Knowing what you didn’t know about giving your life to Christ and submitting all to His care. Download the message below and you will be glad you did.

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DOWNLOAD MP3: IF ONLY YOU KNEW By Kathryn Kuhlman(sermon) 2

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