[Music + Lyrics] Timmy Sax – Rántí Mi

Rántí Mi by Timmy Sax

A fast-rising gospel star Minister Akinware Timilehin Ayorinde also known as Timmy Sax released a brand new single titled “Rántí Mi” produced by Engineer Shola Williams.

“Rántí Mi” a Yoruba titled track translate as “Remember Me” in the English language is a prophetic song composed under the lead of the Holy Spirit and a true-life story of the songwriter himself (Timmy Sax).
Timmy Sax is a Psalmist, Songwriter, Composer, Saxophone Instructor and a Talented Gospel Singer. he has produced many albums and gospel hits in Folk Music and Tungba Contemporaries in the Nigeria Gospel Industry over the years, his upcoming singles are titled:
– S’ohun ti mofe (do what I want)
– prophetic praise medley
– O mbe l’aye (he’s alive)

He is a native of Ekiti State and also a product of Tai Solarin College of Education where he obtain his Certificate on Industrial Chemistry. His role model is “Beejay Sax” a famous and talented artist in the Nigerian Gospel Music Industry.

In his word, his major purpose as a Musician is to proclaim the gospel truth, win Souls to the kingdom of God and encourage Christians not to give up in any situation of life, he further advised the upcoming gospel artist to be diligent, hardworking, prayerful and put God first in everything.

Timmy Sax – Rántí Mi

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RANTIMI by Akinware Timilehin ayorinde (T sax)


Ranti mi ooo
Olu orun ooo
kigba mi to koja mi…
ranti mi si rere. (x2)

1) Iwo to nimi, iwo t’odami
alasepe ni o shashepe ise re laye mi (x2)

Ohun rere to yemi ye ogo re
baba sefunmi, igba lonigba nka mase je kasiko mi ko koja mi. (x2)

2) Olorun atobiju, gbanigbani ti aye n saya,
Igba mi dowo re bami too
ko gun rege (x2)

latojo tan ti bimi, ni moti n feti gbo ileri
asotele wolii oopo jaburata ti ko tii she (x2)

a mo mosimi le oruko re
nitori ko si ohun ti oo leshe
agbokanle mi ninu re jesu  kristi ma joo ja sofo (x2)

3) Kirakita mi laye,
lori ati dide ni, ere ti mo n sa niwipe, ki n jeniyan (x2)

Oshi lo n je tani mo e ri
Owo lo nje mo ba e tan
bowo bati de awon tan ti romipin won a somidoba

Oshi lo nje tani mo e ri
Owo lo nje mo ba e tan
b’iranlowo ba wole
ebun inu mi o maa ja gbangba

Mofe lowo! Mofe lola!!
Mofe s’ohun tegbe n she!!!
olowo laye mon, edumare   fowo sh’oremi.  (x2)

Call & response;

Call: Awon to ran simi pe kan saanu funmi….

Resp: Foro mi siwon lokan

Call: Awon tofe lo lati gbe ebun inu mi jade

Resp: Foro mi siwon lokan

Call: Awon to ransimi pe kan shaanu funmi oo

Resp: Foro mi siwon lokan

Call: Awon to ma ran ebun aye mi lowo..

Resp: Foro mi siwon lokan

Call: Remember me eee…

Resp: Foro mi siwon lokan

Call: Before my time pass by..

Resp: Foro mi siwon lokan.

Call : Remember me ee o

Resp: foro mi siwon lokan

Call: Awon to ransimi pe kan shaanu funmi oo

Resp: Foromi siwon lokan!!!


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