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Nigerian Gospel Musician .. Esther Osaji – Way Maker

The Holy Spirit inspired this song with a message of Jesus Christ, We encourage you to download it because this song is an impressive track that will most likely merit a put on your playlist assuming you are an admirer of good music or you always look out for Latest Nigerian Gospel Songs, this song will surely bless your soul.


Lyrics: Written by Esther Osaji

Most times

We put our trust in man

We lay our lives in the hands of mere mortals

We go to strange men saying ‘baba make him love me’

we go to strange women saying ‘mama show me my future’

we forget — The One Who Know Tomorrow….

Ooo LORD,—— Father have mercy….ooooo.

Come and heal our hearts

come and make a way

take us to a place

where we’ll see your face
where we’ll see your face


When man says, No!

Who will you turn to?

When Man says,

‘you will not make it, No’

Who will you turn to?

When man says,

i will determine your position in life

Who will you turn to?

When he says- i’ll lay you bare

Who will you turn to?

Let me tell you- Turn to YAHWEH….

Who can take the Body,Soul and Spirit

The arms of man will fail you

Only JEHOVAH can keep youuuuu……

He has gathered the wind in HIS fist

Bound the waters all in a garment

HE’s a shield to those who trust in him


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