Dchampraiz Save Us

Dchampraiz - Save Us

Dchampraiz Save Us LYRICS 
All me to say this!
In the world we are living today, many things are happening, sickness are flying all over the world.
We hear news of death everyday, unimaginable things are happening we call on you God that you come and save your children.
We’re tired of the suffering…
We’re tired the pains and hardship
We do not want them, God we do not want them…
Save Us
Save Us
Save Us
Only you can save!
Only you can Save Us
Only you can save Us
Only you can Save Us
Only You!
Solo 2
Let the nations know you are God
Let the kingdoms know you are King
Let them see you oh God
Let them know what you can do.
We believe in your power
We believe in your finished work on the cross…
Oh oh oh only you can save…
Back to chorus…
Oh oh oh….
Oh oh oh…
Oh oh oh…
Only you!

Dchampraiz Save Us

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