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It’s time for battle! It’s a season of war! Our weapon of choice is praise! We come in the name of the Lord with dance in our feet and praise on our lips unto our God!
Months after the dynamic worship song Here With You, Benestelle returns roaring these audacious words with the release of her new high praise piece: Clap Ur Hands. Inspired in a place of spiritual battle, this song is a direct response to Psalm 47:1 which admonishes all peoples to clap their hands with loud songs of joy. Scriptures tell us: The Lord inhabits the praises of His people and the clapping of hands is a demonstration of such faith.
Unapologetic on the topic, she delivers a colorful and flawless, yet high-energy music  video to grace the sound. She reminds us that from generation-to-generation Jesus Christ never changes which is why we praise Him. King Jehoshaphat demonstrated this mystery in 2 Chronicles 20:1-29 in the time of war when he set the singers ahead of the army. The Lord’s response to him was that the battle is not theirs; it is the Lord’s. This led them to defeat Ammon & Moab in the valley of Berakah.
In 2023, Benestelle highlights this spiritual strategy for inevitable victory and activates it with this song.
Be blessed and provoked to join the praise as you listen, stream and Clap Ur Hands for the King of Kings, into your testimony! Your season of victory has come!
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O clap your hands
Come on, clap your hands
From the rising of the sun
To the going down of the same
Your name, Lord, shall be praised
Before time, you are I am
The beginning and the end
Your name, Lord shall be praised
From generation to generation
You never change, Lord
You remain the same and so we praise
In time, you are timeless
In date, you are dateless
In age, you are ageless
Jesus, Jesus

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